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This Week In History

60 second histories
date: 21 Feb
The Dedication of the Washington Monument     -  February 21st 1885  -     The idea to build a monument to the first President of America seemed natural. The fact that it should be awe-inspiring obvious. The problems that followed were less predictable and no-one could have envisaged when the cornerstone was laid on July 4th 1848 just what lay...
  • 19th Century
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date: 13 Feb
The Collapse of the Central Tower of Ely Cathedral    - 13th February 1322 -    The monks had just finished the service of matins, around 4.30am, in the monastery at Ely. There was a noise so loud that they believed they were suffering an earthquake. What had happened was that the central tower of the cathedral, where the nave joins the chancel...
  • 14th Century
  • Medieval
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date: 06 Feb
The Munich Air Disaster    - 6th February 1958 -    Currently lying second, behind Wolves, in the First Division of the Football League Manchester United were going for their third successive league title. Their side’s average age was just 24 and they were being talked about as having the possibility of being one of  the greatest football sides...
  • 20th Century
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date: 02 Feb 2018
IT’S BACK!   Following last year’s EPIC success, My EPIC Era 2018 once again launches its competition for schools and pupils throughout the UK.  Brought to you by 60 second histories My EPIC Era aims to encourage pupils interest in history.   60 second histories 60 second histories are an online history film resource for schools.  60 second...
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date: 30 Jan
The Execution of Charles I  -  January 30th 1649   It was a bitterly cold Tuesday, 30th January. A scaffold had been erected in Whitehall. The platform had been covered with a black cloth. A block stood in the middle. This was the block on which Charles I, King of England, was going to be executed for crimes against the people of England; treason...
  • English Civil War
  • Kings & Queens
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