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5 Super-Cool Ways to use 60 Second Histories

60 second histories
by: Squaducation date: 17 Jun 2016

5 Super-Cool Ways to use 60 Second Histories


1.    Starters! These video clips are a great hook to engage learners and can link in with lesson outcomes. There are also a number of activities that can be used with the video as well, as part of the starter activity or a great way to start the lesson and promote class discussions.


2.    Dictionary Definitions. Students have to watch a video

very carefully then in their own words provide a definition of a key word. For example, there is a video explaining what the term Slave means. This would be a great video to show at the start of that topic and help students understand key terminology.


3.    Give me 5! There are a variety of ways to do this. Simply watch the video and students have to recall five key facts or words from the video clip. This can be done by writing on paper hand templates or students draw around their own hands and write in the information in each finger and thumb. Another way can be to write on a post it note, entrance ticket or in their books.


4.    Hot Seating. There are several character videos which are actors taking on the role of a slave or soldier.  This would be great for an empathy task for the student to put themselves in their shoes and think of questions they would like to ask the character.


5.    Keyword Bingo! Students could be given a random selection of historical key words connected to the topic or come up with their own. If any of their key words come up in the video they put a line though the word and the person who had the most key words from the video wins the bingo!


A big thanks to Kate Jones @87History for these super suggestions

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