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Exciting things have been happening

60 second histories
by: Squaducation date: 28 Oct

Exciting things have been happening


You may not have realised but in recent months 60 Second Historieshas quietly been improving its website and resources.  From new films and interactive quizzes to a brand *NEW* single-teacher license.  It’s EPIC value!  

Yes, we’ve been listening to teachers and appreciate how, already tight, school budgets are becoming ever more stretched.

Now for just £35/year you and your class can have access to 60 second histories’ award-winning history resources and benefit from: 

·      Over 300 fun, fact-packed clips

·      Interactive quizzes to improve recall

·      Time saving readymade lessons ideas

·      Safe sharing for homework and revision

·      Great value single-teacher license 


As a teacher, your number 1 focus is on making sure your pupils learn.  That they study, listen and understand the information you’re teaching them.  Consequently, there are a wide variety of ways that you probably attempt to facilitate this: having a calm, orderly classroom environment; ensuring each pupil has the tools they need – pen, paper, etc., and ensuring that you’re fully prepared for each lesson.


However, did you know that research has shown that students who have fun while learning:

1.    Recall information with greater ease

2.    Experience increased levels of happy hormones, which promote learning

3.    Stay curious and keep coming back for more


So next time you’re planning for the days, weeks and terms ahead, do bear this in mind.  Bring a little fun into the classroom, to augment your sterling work and the studying abilities of your pupils!


60 Second Historiesis a super, engaging history resource that delivers National Curriculum support through clips, quizzes, readymade lesson plans and safe sharing for class and home use.  Best of all, 60 Second Histories videos are fun!


Find out about this award-winning resource by visiting and taking a free trial or watch their FREE to VIEW films.


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