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3. Joining up

60 second histories

This video covers: This video was made by the 2016 winner of My EPIC Era competition and is about two school boys from Wycliffe College and their experiences during WW1.

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Ron: I’ve just managed to enlist with Mobbs Battalion, or should I say, the 7th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment. All the best rugby players are signing up for that one and what’s more, we don’t have any problem getting through the medical checks because we’re all fit and healthy. Len: I really want to do my part for King and Country, so I’ve joined up with the 15th Prince of Wales, Civil Service Rifles with some of the other chaps at work. I’ll tell you, the office is going to be a bit quiet without us. Ron: As we came out of the Recruiting Office people cheered us and patted us on the back and saying, “Well done lads!”. It made me feel really proud. Len: I felt sorry for this one chap, he was only 5 foot tall so he didn’t make it in but I know there are a couple of lads who did and they’re not even 18 years old yet.
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