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4. WW1 - Training & Departing for France

60 second histories

This video covers:  This video was made by the 2016 winner of My EPIC Era competition and is about the training process and anticipation of when they will depart for the ‘Front’ and the boarding of the boats as they leave.

Ron: So glad I learnt how to shoot at Wycliffe. Makes this training a bit easier, although cleaning these rifles is a bit of a bind. Len: So much practising all the time, when are we going to leave for some real action. All we ever seem to do is dig trenches! Are we really goin’ to be doing this when we get over there! Ron: All my new comrades play rugby, we have had some great games you know, I love being in the 7th Northamptonshire’s. Our battalion is named after Edgar Mobbs. He came over to see us today, he plays for Northampton and England at rugger don’t you know… Len: Here we are in Hyde Park, the Civil Service Rifles Regiment, everyone watches us train. I hope well do our parents proud! Ron: It been a whole year of training, I hope we are off to the front soon… Len: 18th March 1915: At last, on the boat for Le Havre, we’ve been singing all the way. We are goin’ to give the bleedin’ Hun what for, just wait till we get there… Ron: 1st September 1915: At last we’re boarding a train to Folkestone, then we board a boat to Boulogne, this is all top secret…
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