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5. WW1 - The March to War

60 second histories

This video covers:  This video was made by the 2016 winner of My EPIC Era competition and is about the arrival in France, Le Havre for Len on 18th March and the arrival at Boulogne on 1st Sept 1915 for Ron

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Len: France, at last! But they seem to be in no hurry to get us to the ‘Front’ I’ve heard that we may be off on the train soon – could be 24 hour journey so Charlie says. Ron: So this is France – no mountains or big hills, just open countryside. Len: Corporal Chinn, has told us about the long march to the Front. We are stuck in this coal mining area – have been billeted in Les Brebis, it’s full of slag heaps and mining towers. Big offensive about to take place Charlie says. Ron: We have walked and walked for days, still no sign of arrival. I am carrying a massive haversack, water bottle, trench tool, bayonet, 120 rounds of ammunition and rifle. Len: When I mentioned Wycliffe to Private Chinn, he said he knew Ron Tratt, who worked with him at Post Office Savings Bank. Says he is in 7th Northants Regiment. I wonder where he is right now? Ron: Nearly there now. We have all just slept in a make shift tent at Beovry after arriving at 3 in the morning, absolutely shattered. Len: Looks like action at last!
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