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Battle of Hastings - Norman view part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:

A further description of the battle where it was thought William Duke of Normandy had fallen and the effect it had on morale.

It was terrible to see our charge broken and the men falling back, horses tumbling down the hill crushing the men beneath them. As I watched I saw William Duke of Normandy was one of those who had fallen, but as he remounted his horse the shout was already up that the Duke had been killed. I could see men beginning to panic, so the Duke took off his helmet and pulled down his mail coif to show his face “ Look at me. “Look at me” he cried “I am still alive and with Gods help I shall win!” He told us that if we ran we would be pursued and butchered that we had no choice but to fight and kill the Saxons. Others then pointed at and shouted “Here he is Duke William” Bishop Odo rode up and rallied the young Knights around William, with all these words ringing in our ears we rallied, and at that moment luck was on our side as our cavalry had managed to encircle some Saxons on a small hill and kill them. We archers collected as many arrows as we could and we were all now ready for the next phase.
Norman Conquest
Norman archer
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