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Cavalry trooper

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of a New Model Army cavalry trooper, one of Cromwell's ironsides which includes the clothing they wore and the weapons used.

I’m a cavalry trooper of the New Model army; I’m one of Cromwell’s men, one of his Ironsides. We are all godly men and put our faith in the lord and our trust in our commanders. As you may have noticed I am dressed fully as for battle, I have stout full-length cavalry boots, which are thick enough to protect my legs when at the gallop and offer some protection from the sword in a fight. I’m wearing a buff coat of leather, which is complemented by a back and breast plate to give my body maximum protection. I’m armed with an excellent sword, this one is what we call a backsword we use it mainly to slash with although of course you can use it point first. My other weapon is a firelock carbine or what you may know as a flintlock, it’s shorter than a musket, which makes it easier to use on horseback. We’re all well trained and disciplined. Discipline is the key to our success, that and our faith!
17th Century
English Civil War
Uniforms & Equipment
Civil War
Cavalry trooper
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