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Henry VII's children

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the seven children born to Henry VII and Elizabeth, including their first born Arthur and Henry who went on to become King Henry VIII

Now King Henry the seventh and his wife Elizabeth had a good number of children, seven in all. The first was the Prince of Wales, Arthur, he was born in September, fourteen eighty six, he was followed by his sister Margaret Tudor who went on to marry the King of Scotland then their majesties’ third child came along, you may have heard of him Henry, he was born on the twenty eighth of June fourteen ninety one, and had a great shock of red hair. The next to be born was Elizabeth but she only lived until she was three bless her, then there was Mary born in March fourteen ninety six, she married King Louis of France. Henry and Elizabeth’s sixth child was Edmund who came along in fourteen ninety nine but he died the following year and then finally there was baby Katherine in fifteen o three but sadly she died and shortly afterwards the queen died too, poor thing she never recovered from giving birth to her last child
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