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Introduction to the English Civil War

60 second histories

This video covers:

An overview of the English Civil War, when it started, how long it lasted together with the cause and the devastating effect on the country.

I have been asked to give you an introduction into what you may call The English Civil War, well let me tell you it was a rebellion that spread from England through Wales, Scotland and on into Ireland. Started in sixteen forty two and lasting about nine years, it’s cost us more in blood than you can ever imagine, son set against father, brother against brother, families torn apart by the sword. The countryside was ravaged by marauding armies and the fair pastures of our land ripped asunder and soaked in the blood of it’s own people. Almost a quarter of a million dead, uncountable wounded and why? I ask you, why on earth did we fall to such an uncivil war, well when I look back I see one mans hand behind all the events that led us to the very edge of destruction. That man was Charles Stuart, King of England and Scotland, aided by his wife Queen Henrietta Maria his French Catholic wife who is now left a widow and her children without a father. ‘Tis a tragedy, for this war could have been avoided.
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English Civil War
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