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People in a castle; the constable

60 second histories

This video covers:
A description, by the constable of the castle, of the many people that live and work there like the marshal, the estate steward, blacksmith farrier and carter.

I’m the constable of the castle, I live here with my wife and family and look after it on behalf of my noble lord. I’m responsible for everything within the castle and all the household staff who live and work here as well as the castle itself. But I do have some key people to help me; the most important officers here are the marshal and the estate steward. The marshal is responsible for ensuring the castle defences are kept in good repair, he also sees to the training and discipline of the soldiers. One of his other jobs is to supervise the stables and the staff who work in them like the blacksmith and the farrier who shoe the horses and the carter who maintains all the carts. Now the estate steward is vital to the running of both the castle and the estate. He ensures that the manors and farms produce enough food to feed everyone and that all the rents and taxes are paid. It they’re not paid, he sends the bailiffs out to recover the money. As you can imagine the bailiff isn’t a popular man.
Domestic Life
Farming & Food
Constable of the castle
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