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Roman Food

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the food eaten in Rome, much of it similar to our own food like eggs, cheese, cold meat and bread but a few surprises like honeyed dormouse.  

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I’m very lucky as a Roman centurion to have some of the best food in the army. On the march it can be a bit dull with maybe porridge and bread being the staple food, but when we’re in barracks things get back to normal with three meals a day for those who can afford it. I like to start the day with wheat biscuits with honey and maybe some bread then for lunch I do like a quick snack of eggs, cheese, cold meats and fruit. For my main meal in the evening we have lots of dishes to choose from like smoked fish, spit roasted chickens, bread and olives but my favourite is honeyed dormouse. Then there’s nothing better than to wash it all down with a choice of over two hundred wines from around the Empire. Do you know what I really like about Rome, you don’t have to cook at home. You see most of the houses for ordinary folks are made of wood and can easily catch fire so they don’t usually have a kitchen, you either order in, like a take-away, or you eat out which of course saves on washing up!
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