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Castle Tours

60 second histories
Castle Tours

Chepstow Castle

CASTLE TOURS of Kenilworth, Bolsover, Chepstow, Raglan and Goodrich consist of a fully guided tour and archery demonstration.  

It’s not just a tour; it is an assault on the castle, recreating in the minds of the children what it would have been like to both attack and defend the reconstructed castle.  We also cover how the castle functioned in peacetime, the day to day workings etc.  

The tour culminates in a weapons display featuring longbow, and side arms; and if you can stand the blood.....a little medieval surgery.  

What you should know:

The weapons and equipment are heavy and can be dangerous, and can therefore only be handled if the students are orderly and there is room to do so.   We require at least 75 metres of open grass to be able to shoot the longbow.   We have permission from the castle custodians to take tour groups around and to give an archery demonstration.

Our risk assessment, liability insurance cover and DBS certificate are available on request.

Equipment & Weapons
Longbow, arrows, sword, chainmail
Basket with artefacts, head and surgical instruments
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