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Norman Conquest

60 second histories
Norman Conquest

Norman soldier

1066, the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings This workshop gives an account from the perspectives of both Harold and William, covering Stamford bridge, Hastings and Fulford Gate.  We explore the mistakes and the positive moves made by both sides that determined the outcome. 

There are lots of hands on opportunities with the artefacts and equipment from the time; children will be astonished at the weight of a chain mail shirt and have great fun in carrying out Saxon shield and spear drill.  We also discuss what would have happened if Harold had won and think about the differences this would have made to our history.  We also get the children to think about what they would have done if they had been in Harold’s shoes; this is always interesting with the youngsters coming up with their own ideas on how to beat the Normans.  

If you have a particular area of focus, not mentioned above, you wish us to concentrate on, please let us know.


What you should know:

All sessions are flexible; the minimum duration of a single workshop is around 1 hour and the maximum duration is half a day, so sessions can be tailored to suit your timetable and class numbers; we can deliver to whole school assemblies or smaller groups as required (e.g. 2x half day sessions, 3x 1.5hr sessions or 5x 1hr sessions etc.) and can even deliver 2 different topics in one day if required to benefit maximum number of pupils. 

The weapons and equipment are heavy and can be dangerous, and can therefore only be handled if the students are orderly and there is room to do so. 

An archery demonstration can be tagged on to this presentation if time permits but we require at least 75 metres of open grass to be able to shoot the longbow.

Our risk assessment, liability insurance cover and DBS certificate are available on request

Equipment & Weapons
2x swords, 2x shields, 2x spears,
Longbow, arrows, chainmail, helmet
Miscellaneous artefacts include war horn, original arrowheads and knife blade
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