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Slavery Workshop

60 second histories
British Empire

Slave Captain

Based on an actual character; John Newton, a slave trader who became sickened by his bloody trade and later became an abolitionist and reformer. Combining history and geography, this workshop looks at the slave triangle and explores how people were captured, enslaved, transported and sold at various markets and also focuses on the reformists and the abolition of slavery. Parallels can then be drawn to modern day slavery, the descendants of the slaves and conflicts in the old slave countries, such as the Sudan. Pupils have the opportunity to handle the manacles and chains used by the slavers and we also cleverly recreate the tight conditions that were experienced by slaves on board ship to give students a better understanding of the suffering inflicted for the sake of profit.

What you should know:

All sessions are flexible; the minimum duration of a single workshop is around 1 hour and the maximum duration is half a day, so sessions can be tailored to suit your timetable and class numbers; we can deliver to whole school assemblies or smaller groups as required (e.g. 2x half day sessions, 3x 1.5hr sessions or 5x 1hr sessions etc.) and can even deliver 2 different topics in one day if required to benefit maximum number of pupils.

The weapons and equipment are heavy and can be dangerous, and can therefore only be handled if the students are orderly and there is room to do so. 

Our risk assessment, liability insurance cover and DBS certificate are available on request.

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