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Victorian Teacher

60 second histories

Victorian Teacher

We can turn back the clock in your classroom to the 1850’s and with slate and chalk give the children a lesson as if they were back in time. 

Our character is a hard-nosed Victorian School master who doesn’t seem to like children.  We can include virtually any aspect of the Victorian Britain you want for example the industrial revolution, poverty and life in the slums or crime and punishment.

What you should know:

All sessions are flexible; the minimum duration of a single workshop is around 1 hour and the maximum duration is half a day, so sessions can be tailored to suit your timetable and class numbers; we can deliver to whole school assemblies or smaller groups as required (e.g. 2x half day sessions, 3x 1.5hr sessions or 5x 1hr sessions etc.) and can even deliver 2 different topics in one day if required to benefit maximum number of pupils.

This subject is best covered in the classroom but we can begin or end the day with a presentation on the Victorians in the hall if required.  The teacher starts off a little strict and sometimes raises his voice but he soon warms up and wins the children over to have fun with the subject.

Our risk assessment, liability insurance cover and DBS certificate are available on request.

Equipment & Weapons
Cane, slates, bell, horn books
Blackboard & chalk
If covering the subject of crime & punishment; handcuffs & truncheon
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