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This Week In History

60 second histories
date: 25 Mar
The Landings on Gallipoli         -  April 25th1915  -     The plan seemed sound enough. With stalemate on the Western Front in the form of trench warfare another ploy was needed. The one put forward was knock Ottoman Turkey out of the war, open up...
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date: 18 Mar 2019
The Sentencing of the Tolpuddle Martyrs      -  19thMarch 1834  -     The wages for farm labourers was falling. The average wage was 10 shillings a week but in Dorset, and in the village of Tolpuddle, this had fallen to 7 with further cuts on the...
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date: 16 Mar
1stFootball Association Challenge Cup Final   Kennington Oval   Wanderers 1 Royal Engineers 0        -  16thMarch 1872  -      At a meeting in the offices of the Sportsman in London on 20thJuly 1871 a proposal by Charles Alcock, the honorary...
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date: 06 Mar
The Capture of Château Gaillard     -  6th March 1204  -     Built in a single year, 1197-98, by Richard I, the Lionheart, Château Gaillard was one of the strongest and most up-to-date castles of its age. The word Gaillard itself means strong and...
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date: 27 Feb
Constantine I   -  Born on 27th February 272AD  -     A lot has been written about the importance of this Emperor and his effect on the Roman Empire and the Christian religion, amongst other areas. Was he the key to the spread of Christianity or did...
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