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The 1001 Inventions Museum

60 second histories

A brilliant film made by My Epic Era 2017 winner Abeera Abbas, it tells the audience about the Golden Age and some of the amazing inventions created by Muslim people. 

Oh wow! Look, we’re at the 1001 inventions museum and look…it’s the famous elephant clock designed by Al-Jazari which was water powered. Look at those dragons. Ouch! I pricked my finger! Hey what’s happening? Where am I? It looks like I’ve travelled back in time to the golden age. This was a time when people with great minds, around the world, gathered together in a city called Baghdad to learn. Look, there’s the world’s first university, Al-Qarawiyin, which had breakthroughs in chemistry, physics and mathematics. The founder was a noble lady, yes lady, called Fatima Al-Fihri. Look, that’s the camera obscura. It was invented by Ibn Al-Haytham. He discovered that the smaller the hole, the more focused the light and the sharper the image. He confirms that light travels in a straight line. This led him to inventing the camera obscura. Look, that artist is making geometric art. This type of art brought together: maths, space, shape and pattern and it combined them into one beautiful piece of art. I better find that elephant clock again and get back into my own time.
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