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6. WW1 - The Fateful Day

60 second histories

This video covers: This video was made by the 2016 winner of My EPIC Era competition and is about the first and only day of action in battle for the boys. It is a fitting tribute to their bravery, duty and loyalty to their country.

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Len: Gosh this is hard slog, Our officer says we’re going into battle today - I I’m not looking forward to it, bit scared if truth be known, but must put on a brave face can’t let the others see I’m scared. Ron: Well, I’m finally here. War’s not as jolly as everyone says but at least my mate George gets sent Eccles cakes each week from his mother, which he often shares with us. Len: We have been ordered to carry lots of heavy bombs 300 yards to reinforce a position our side have held for the past few days. Ron: I’m ready to go over the top but I can’t stop shaking, the noise is pure hell. Len: Our officer says its time. Soon I’ll be carrying bombs across the battlefield. Ron: Just waiting for our gas to be released and we will be off over the top. Len: I wonder what I would have become if I had lived, would I have married, had kids? Ron: I always dreamed of becoming a ruby player, playing rugger was my passion, I wonder if I’d have been any good, should I have lived. Len: Leonard Gammidge died on the battlefield of Loos on 25th of September 1915. Ron: Ronald Tratt died in a German field hospital in Seclin on the 29th September 1915. Having been wounded at the battle of Loos. Together; We will remember them.
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