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Andreas Vesalius and The Fabric of the Human Body

60 second histories

This video covers:  A look at where Vesalius studied and how he came to publish the Fabric of the Human Body

I first studied medicine at the age of nineteen at the University of Paris; I studied under Jean Guinter who had just completed a translation of Galen’s work from Greek into Latin. After three years studying in Paris I moved to Padua in Italy where the university was open to new ideas and there were plenty of corpses to dissect. I used local artists to make drawings of parts of the body. Many of these artists had already dissected bodies for their own work and were only too keen to help me with mine. It was because of the artist’s excellent work that I decided to put their drawings together as a book of the human body. In order to ensure every detail was correct I carried out many more dissections, knowing the information would be valuable to my students. I called the book the Fabric of the Human Body and had all of the drawings engraved then printed by the best printers in Switzerland.
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