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Anglo Saxon - Christianity

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of how the Saxons changed from worshipping pagan gods to becoming Christian after Pope Gregory sent a monk called Augustine to convert them.

In the old days, so my father told me, we Saxons were what is called pagan in that we worshiped many different gods like Woden, Frigg and Thor, but not anymore. We’re all Christians now. Now how this came about is quite interesting I was told that it was the Pope in Rome who started it, Pope Gregory. One day, he came across some Anglo Saxon slave children when he asked where they came from he was told they were Angles and he said no they are not angles but angels. Then when he found out that the slave children were pagan he sent missionaries, led by a monk called Augustine to England to convert the Saxons. This was all written down by another monk called Bede. One of the first Saxons to be converted to Christianity was King Aethelbert of Kent he had a Christian wife called Bertha and it was Bertha, together with Augustine, who converted Aethelbert. Once your King became a Christian you were expected to do the same, so now all Saxons are Christian and that includes me.
Anglo Saxon
Saxon woman
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