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60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the many types of arrowheads and their uses such as the broadhead with its barbs and the incendiary or fire arrow

There are many types of arrowheads, take these ones here, they’re hunting arrowheads and this one is called an incendiary or a fire arrow. Can you see the point is made of steel and has cloth wrapped around it but inside it has a secret ingredient that will keep it alight for ages. My favourite arrowhead is this one; it’s called a broadhead. As you can see it is swept back and sharp on both sides and barbed with these two hook shapes at the back, which makes it hard to get out of the body once it is in. If you take a look at the rest of the arrow you can see here is the nock that you fit onto the bowstring. The nock has a piece of cow horn fitted into for strength. The feathers are called fletchings they’re taken from the wing of a goose, not only are they glued on but they’re also tied on to keep them firmly in place. The man who puts all this together is a fletcher.
Medieval longbowman
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