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Battle of Hastings - Norman view part 1

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the start of the battle including a description of Taillefer, the juggler who entertained the Normans before the battle started

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It was around seven in the morning on the fourteenth of October, ten sixty six when our scouts reported that the Saxon army was nearby. The alarm was sounded and by eight thirty we were moving into position opposite the Saxons, they up the hill, we down it. There they stood behind their shield wall shouting “Out” “Out” and banging shields. There was a man called Taillefer who was a bit of a juggler and entertained us while we waited for the battle to start. He juggled his swords and we cheered and sang but then an Englishman dashed out and tried to kill him but Taillefer recovered his sword and killed that English man. When the battle started for real, we archers advanced towards the enemy and shot our arrows, we did little harm, they were a small target up the hill so our heavy infantry marched up past us but they were savagely beaten so then our cavalry charged up to help them but all were beaten back, it was ferocious.
Norman Conquest
Norman archer
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