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Battle of Hastings - Norman view part 3

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the final part of the Battle of Hastings describing the arrow storm that rained down on the Saxons and the fall of King Harold

The battle seemed to stop; it must have been around midday when our infantry again assaulted the hill to engage the Saxons. I could see a faint spray of misted blood above those in the thick of fighting but as it went on our cavalry attacked the Saxon right flank falling back as quickly as they had charged, they did this again after about an hour weakening the Saxons, then late in the afternoon it was our turn. We were ordered forward and shot high into the air to drop our arrows straight down onto the heads and shoulders of the Saxons. I later learned that this was when the Saxon King Harold was wounded in the eye. Anyway as soon as we had weakened the Saxons our entire army charged up the hill, me included I threw down my bow and joined in using my axe and then a fallen sword to do much harm amongst the Saxons. They made a last stand around their standard I couldn’t get anywhere near it but I understand that Harold was killed. His army ran and we pursued, we had won.
Norman Conquest
Norman archer
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