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The beginning of the reign of Henry VII

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This video covers:  A description of the early Tudor years with the continuation of the Wars of the Roses and the Irish/Yorkist army crossing the Pennines to put an end to the Tudors.  

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Things seemed to be going so well for King Henry what with the birth of their majesties first born Arthur, Prince of Wales, but oh the rumours of war would persist. I thought these Wars of the Roses were over but it would seem not. The first we knew about a Yorkist army in England was when we heard that an Irish and Yorkist army was crossing the Pennines and intended to fight King Henry and put and end to the house of Tudor. A battle had been fought at the village of Stoke near Newark in Nottinghamshire on the sixteenth of June, fourteen eighty seven. There had been a false rumour the King had been beaten, but the true story was soon heard that a hard fight had taken place and it was a great relief to me when I heard that and that the King had been victorious. Over four thousand Irish soldiers had been killed, many had very little armour, as well as mercenaries from Germany. It had been a terrible fight and we were all shook up by it. I hope that it puts an end to this war.
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