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British soldier's equipment 1914-15

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the equipment a British soldier was expected to carry during 1914-15 which could all weigh up to thirty five kilos.

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Hello, let me tell you about the equipment I carry as a British soldier serving in the first world war. It’s all held together and carried on this woven cotton here, called webbing. To the left and right here you can see the clusters of five ammunition pouches each carries three clips of five, point three oh three bullets, giving me a hundred and fifty rounds of ammunition. Connected to the pouches are straps that pass over each shoulder and fasten onto the buckles at the rear of the belt. Attached to these straps is a large pack, which contains my greatcoat and mess tins. Also attached to the cross straps is my small pack, which contains a waterproof groundsheet and rations. Under this, fastened to my belt, is my bayonet and a halve for my entrenching tool. And here is the actual entrenching tool and a water bottle, they both fix to the cross straps. What you see here is called full marching order and can weigh up to thirty five kilos.
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