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Captain Cook - part 1

60 second histories

This video covers:  A veteran sailor recounts Captain Cook's first voyage on the Endeavour.

I sailed with Captain cook on two of his voyages of exploration, for his first voyage we set sail from England on the Endeavour on the twenty-sixth of August seventeen sixty eight sailing south and rounding Cape Horn and then west into the Pacific Ocean arriving in Tahiti eight months later. The second part of our voyage took us to New Zealand where we were able to map the coastline. Once this was completed we sailed west reaching the south-eastern coast of Australia on the nineteenth of April seventeen seventy, apparently we were the first Europeans to land on Australia’s eastern coastline, I was one of the first as I jumped off the boat and helped drag it ashore. It was whilst we were exploring this area that we saw some of the natives in the distance. We later sailed along the coast and on the twenty ninth of April landed at a bay that was later named Botany Bay on account of all the unusual plant specimens we found there. It was here that we had our first contact with the local tribes people.
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