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Cathedrals & monasteries

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of how the Normans settled the land by building churches and monasteries and explains how the locals paid rent to the church which in turn paid taxes to the king.

You know, as well as building castles to conquer the land, the Normans needed help in settling the land. Now you can’t beat a church to bring people together, so the Normans brought their churches to England. Not literally of course, they built Norman style churches over the top of Saxon ones to make them bigger and better. They even gave large tracts of land to the church, especially to those churchmen who helped them. They built monasteries and brought monks from Normandy and these monks cleared the land and planted crops, they became self-sufficient. In doing this they made the local community reliant on the church for land to farm and live on and they had to pay rent to the church. The church had to pay taxes to the King who granted them even more land to expand. In the cities land was given for the building of great cathedrals like Canterbury and York. So as you can see the Normans didn't just build castles they covered the land in buildings that told you they had God on their side, the Normans truly had conquered the land.
Norman Conquest
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