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Catherine of Aragon

60 second histories

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A description of Catherine of Aragon by her lady in waiting who explains how her father, the King of Spain, ensured she would only marry a man who would bring some form of diplomatic alliance.

I am lady in waiting to Queen Catherine of Aragon, wife and queen to his majesty King Henry the Eighth. My mistress is as clever a woman as I have ever known. Her father, King Ferdinand II of Aragon intended she would only marry a husband who would bring him some form of diplomatic alliance, like that of his own marriage to Queen Isabella of Castile, which united Spain. He therefore ensured Catherine was extremely well educated; she was privately educated in languages, classical literature and religion amongst many other subjects. Queen Catherine’s command of Latin is so marvellous I would say it is her second language as she writes and speaks it fluently, better than her English, oh and did I mention that she was also fluent in French. My mistress is very fair too; you would expect her to look like a Spaniard with dark hair and skin but none of it, she has long strawberry blond hair and pale skin with the most beautiful blue eyes, she tells me that she gets her good looks from her English ancestors on her mother's side.
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