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Catherine of Aragon banished from court

60 second histories

This video covers:  What happened to Catherine of Aragon

All of the efforts of Cardinal Wolsey and Cardinal Campeggio have been in vain and no divorce or annulment has been granted through them. But now, in this year of our Lord fifteen thirty three it is Thomas Cranmer, our newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, who has just declared my marriage to King Henry nullified. We are to be divorced. I am now to be acknowledged only as Dowager Princess of Wales. I was at Dunstable when they came to tell me. The Archbishop himself together with the Bishops of London, Winchester, Bath, Lincoln and many other church dignitaries came and cited me to appear before them which of course I refused to do. In fact I refused to appear fifteen days in a row, and so for failing to appear before these learned men they have declared my marriage to the King void and I am now divorced. I have been banished from court and must retire to Kimbolton Castle for the rest of my life. Despite all this I refuse to accept Henry as the supreme Head of the Church of England and I believe that in the eyes of God I am still his lawful wife.
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