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Catherine of Aragon; the King wants a divorce

60 second histories

This video covers:  The view point of Catherine of Aragon with regard to Henry VIII and divorce

I am no ordinary person to be cast aside when one grows tired of me, I am the Queen of England, daughter of King Ferdinand the Fox of Aragon. My mother, the Queen of all Spain supports me, and I know that the people of England love me as their Queen and yet the King wants rid of me. He says I have failed him, both as a wife and a queen because I have failed to give him a son and heir. That’s what this is all boils down to, he worries that if he dies without a son the crown will pass to our daughter Mary. He worries that if she marries she could take a foreign King as her husband and would take his name thus the Tudor name would disappear from history. Of course I have also heard that his majesty has simply grown tired of me that I am old before my time, well who wouldn’t be after bearing six babies. Is it my fault that only Mary survives? No, but King Henry thinks it’s God’s punishment for marrying me, his brother’s widow.
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