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Catherine of Aragon stands her ground

60 second histories

This video covers:  Catherine of Aragon’s reaction to being questioned with regard to her marriage to King Henry VIII

I knew the King believed he was being taunted by God for breaking the Levitical injunction against marrying a brother’s wife, but we all know this is folly, it’s just an excuse to be rid of me. Can you imagine how I felt at being questioned by that oaf Cardinal Wolsey and Cardinal Campeggio the Pope’s Commissioner who had the cheek to suggest that the best thing I could do was to ‘die to the world’ by retiring to a convent. Well of course, I’m sure they see it as the perfect solution, it would leave the way clear for Henry to marry his new love Anne and all would be well, except what of our daughter Mary? What would become of her? Not only that, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life locked up in some draughty convent amongst a bunch of crusty old nuns! So what can I do but stand my ground. There are many at court that are loyal and support me, why whenever I go the common folk cheer me on my way.
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