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Conciliation and violence

60 second histories

This video covers:  The organisation of a conciliation committee and the violence experienced by suffragettes.

The journalist and Liberal MP, Henry Brailsford, helped to organise a Conciliation Committee for Women’s Suffrage which was supported by fifty-four MPs. The group’s Conciliation bill looked capable of achieving the vote for women so we suspended our window breaking and hunger strikes whilst it was being negotiated. Sadly the bill failed. So, with our truce over, I led three hundred women to Parliament Square on the eighteenth of November nineteen ten. We were met by large numbers of police who attacked us; they punched marchers, twisted the arms of our ladies and pulled on their breasts; it was terrible! I am led to understand that the home secretary Winston Churchill directed the police in their action. That day became known as Black Friday and it was very black indeed. Each time a Conciliation bill was put forward we halted our militant tactics but in nineteen twelve when the second bill was failing I was arrested and imprisoned for window-breaking, but this time I went on hunger strike.
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