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60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of Oliver Cromwell, his character and his achievement in developing the New Model Army

As one of Colonel Cromwell’s men I see him occasionally. To look at he’s quite ordinary, his stature is of a good size and his voice is sharp, eloquent and full of fervour. He’s not a handsome man to look at he has warts on his face and I do believe his nose is a little crooked, but we love him and would follow him to the ends of the earth. After the set backs at the beginning of the war he ensured that we learned from our mistakes, he retrained us developing New Model Army. He taught us discipline and it was he who showed us how to hook our knee behind the knee of the man riding next to you kind of locking us together turning the whole of us into a solid block so that when we hit the enemy they would be broken. But it’s not just in training that he’s with us, he joins with us in the fight, which proves that he’s as brave as any man upon the field. Afterwards he sometimes spends time amongst us ordinary soldiers, he comes to prayers with us and encourages us in our faith. Most important in my book is that he always makes sure that we’re regularly paid and doesn’t skimp either; we’re all paid well in his service.
17th Century
English Civil War
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