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Death of Richard III - part 1

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This video covers:  A description of the death of Richard III which led to the beginning of the Tudor dynasty.

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I’m here to tell you a tale of such bravery of the last true king of England, King Richard the third. It was at Bosworth field he met his untimely end betrayed by those who should have stood by their King. The battle was fought around Ambien Hill just outside the village of Sutton Cheney on the borders of Leicestershire and Warwickshire. I was with the King Richard’s archers on top of the hill watching the failed charge of the Earl of Norfolk’s men against the Earl of Oxford’s men. I could see Lord Stanley too, over on the other side of the field, he should have been with us but he held back with his army of around three thousand men waiting to see which side he would take. As the battle unfolded, the King suddenly charged down the hill, I watched in amazement as he smashed into the traitor Henry Tudor’s soldiers. I saw the standard bearer of the Tudors fall to the lance of our King, he was almost on Henry Tudor when Stanley’s men charged and hit him in the back.
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