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This video covers:  An explanation of how democracy began in Ancient Greece including the oligarchy system of rule

In the beginning, Athens was ruled by a King but later it became ruled by just a few powerful men. This kind of rule is called an oligarchy, literally meaning ruled by a few. The oligarchy system worked for a while but Athens finally achieved a true democracy, which is a system of government where the country is ruled by many. The way it works is simple really, every year five hundred names are drawn from all the names of Athens’ citizens. A citizen is a freeborn male. Women, children and slaves aren’t included because they’re not citizens. Those citizens who are chosen, serve in the assembly for one year and it’s their job to make new laws or change old ones, but these don’t become law until every citizen has the chance to vote on it. Notices are put up informing citizens they should attend to vote on the laws that are being made. What was it Pericles said? “It is true that we are called a democracy, for the administration is in the hands of the many and not the few, with equal justice to all alike in their private disputes.”
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