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Dr John Snow - the investigation continues

60 second histories

This video covers:  John Snows investigation into the cause of the outbreak of Cholera.

I didn’t just investigate cholera cases around Broad Street, I also looked at the people who did not get cholera. I tracked down where they drew their water from, which helped me in turn to rule out other possible sources of the epidemic besides the Broad Street pump. I found some important examples. One was a workhouse; it had five hundred and thirty six inmates but almost no cases of cholera. The workhouse had its own well and also brought water in from the Grand Junction Water Works. I also visited a brewery on Broad Street which made malt liquor, the brewery workers also escaped getting cholera. The Proprietor, a Mr Huggins, informed me that his men drank liquor made from water from the brewery’s own well and not water from the Broad Street pump. Not a single one of his men had contracted cholera, but the factory near to the Brewery wasn’t so lucky; they kept two tubs of water drawn from the Broad Street pump and sixteen of its workers died from cholera.
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