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Egyptian gods - part 1

60 second histories

This video covers:

Some of the Egyptian gods and what they represented; covering Ra, Geb, Nut and Shu

I am here to tell you about our most important Egyptian gods. The oldest is Ra, god of the sun. In ancient times when gods walked the earth, Ra would sail his golden sun ship across the sky. Each night he would sail the river of darkness and when he emerged at sunrise the people would celebrate Ra because he brought a new day. The god of the earth is called Geb, he’s married to Nut, goddess of the sky. When Geb and Nut first fell in love, Ra kept them apart because he believed their children would one day overthrow him but no matter how hard he tried to keep Geb and Nut apart, he failed and the couple had five children, one of whom, Osiris, did in fact take over the throne from Ra who retreated to the heavens. It was Nut’s father, Shu who tried to keep Nut and Geb apart; he is the god of the wind and that is why the earth and the sky are so far apart, because the wind comes between them. The god of the wind, Shu, isn’t usually pictured because he’s invisible.
Ancient Egypt
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