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Egyptian gods - part 3

60 second histories

This video covers: 

The more unusual animal gods the Egyptians prayed to like Bast, the cat goddess and Sobek who has the head of a crocodile.

In Egypt we have many animal gods. One of the most popular is Bast, the cat goddess, she’s well liked because cats kill snakes, scorpions and other nasty creatures. Another animal god is Sobek, he has the head of a crocodile and is both feared and respected. Now if you want to protect the women and children in your family, you might pray to Bes, he’s a dwarf god and considered to be good luck, and he has the power to scare off evil spirits. The goddess Taweret has the head of a hippopotamus and a big swollen belly, Tawret also protects women, pregnant women, and she’s also good at scaring off evil spirits. If however you wanted protection from being poisoned, you should make an offering to Serqet, the scorpion goddess, because she’ll protect you from snakebites and the like. The last god I should mention is Anubis, god of funerals. He has the head of a jackal, and whenever the high priest make a pharaoh’s body into a mummy he always wears a jackal mask on his head, in honour of Anubis.
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