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Emmeline Pankhurst and Keir Hardie

60 second histories

This video covers:  Emmeline becoming friends with Keir Hardie and joining the Independent Labour Party

I first met the Scotsman, Keir Hardie, in eighteen eighty-eight and we were to become firm friends. It was he who helped form the Independent Labour Party and as a socialist he was sympathetic to the cause of women’s suffrage. I was so excited by the range of issues the Labour Party pledged to confront, that I applied to join the local branch but was turned down, because I was a woman! Although I did persevere and when I was eventually allowed to join the Party I gladly threw my weight behind it. I believed that through this new Independent Labour Party there could be a way of righting so many political and social wrongs. One of my first activities for the party was to distribute food to poor men and women throughout our community for the relief of the unemployed. In December eighteen ninety four I was elected to the position of Poor Law Guardian in Chorlton-on-Medlock just south of the City of Manchester.
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