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Emmeline Pankhurst; becoming a suffragist

60 second histories

This video covers:  Emmeline Pankhurst's early life and some of the events that led her to be come a suffragette.

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I was born on the fifteenth of July eighteen fifty eight in Moss Side, Manchester. I was very lucky to have been born to parents who both were politically active; in fact it was through my parents support of women’s suffrage that I was first introduced to it myself. I remember when I was just fourteen, upon returning home from school, I found my mother getting ready to attend a meeting on the subject of women’s voting rights and when I heard that Lydia Becker would be speaking. I insisted on attending the meeting with her. I had become fond of Lydia Becker after reading the Women’s Suffrage Journal of which Lydia was the editor. I must admit I was enthralled by Lydia’s address and I left that meeting a conscious and confirmed suffragist. A year later I was sent to school in Paris where I shared a room with Noemie the daughter of Henri Rochefort who had been imprisoned for his part in the Paris commune, we soon shared tales of our political parents and became good friends.
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