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Family life - men

60 second histories

This video covers:  A man's view of life in Ancient Greece, his position as head of the household and values

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I don’t care what any one tells you, especially my wife, I am the head of this household and everyone does as I say. I own several slaves and although you can’t beat a slave nowadays, there are other ways of punishing them, like starving them a little or a flogging when no one’s looking. Most of my slaves are obedient though, especially here in the home where they are almost part of the family. You know we even have a ceremony to welcome new slaves into the house. Meal times are important to me, I like having the family together around the table, and it’s good to keep us close. I’m lucky that I have three strong sons who are already taking an interest in the family businesses. In fact I hardly have to visit our farms as the boys do such a good job looking after them and keeping them in profit, which is just as well because when my daughter got married, her dowry cost me a fortune!
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