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Family life - women

60 second histories

This video covers: A middle-class woman's view of life in Ancient Greece

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I suppose in lots of ways I am very lucky, my husband has a good position within the council and owns several farms so we can afford to have a few slaves to help around the house, but I do wish I could get out more, I spend far more time at home than I would like to. That’s the problem with being a woman in Athens, our place is in the home. Did you know that we women aren’t allowed to vote or take any part in politics, we can’t do much at all really. I was married at the age of thirteen to a man I’d never met before and I certainly didn’t love him, but I suppose over time I have grown to love him. We have a good family, our sons are promised in marriage and our daughter is already married, which is a good thing because she cost a lot to clothe and feed so it was good to get her off my hands. I do have one thing to look forward to this week; it’s my cousin’s funeral, so at least I’ll have a chance to catch up with the rest of the family.
Ancient Greece
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