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Farming and Food

60 second histories

This video covers:  A description of a Norse farmhouse, the animals they kept and the food they grew and ate including the ever-important ale.

I live in a strong two-roomed farmhouse made from whole tree trunks. It has a wooden roof that is covered with turf for extra warmth. We have one room to live and sleep in and one that we use as a kitchen. Usually the animals stay outside, but if the winter is really bad, we bring the animals inside the house for protection. It can be a bit smelly but they help to keep us warm when it is very cold. On our farm we keep goats, sheep, chickens and ducks as well as cattle. We don’t just keep animals for eating we gather eggs from the poultry, we milk the goats and cows and use their milk to make butter and cheese. We also grow crops on our farm. We grow spelt, which is a kind of wheat. We take the spelt grain and grind it between two heavy stones called Quern stones to make flour for the bread we bake. We also grow barley and rye, which we use to make ale. Ale is a very important part of our diet you know, even our children drink it.
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Farming & Food
Norse woman
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