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Florence Nightingale - the early years

60 second histories

This video covers:  Takes a look at Florence Nightingale's early life, her character and what she felt it was like to be born in an age dominated by men.

When you consider I was born in eighteen twenty it’s a wonder that I achieved anything at all with my life. You see I was born in an age dominated by men. My mother and father firmly believed that as a woman born into a wealthy family it was my duty to marry a rich man, have children, stay at home and be obedient to my husband. Well I couldn’t imagine anything worse! I had different ideas about what to do with my life and believed that God wanted me to be a nurse. As a young woman I used to make secret visits to hospitals. I remember visiting one female patient, whom no one seemed to know how to look after. The nurse was drunk! Bringing her into that place was as good as giving her poison. So my mind was made up, I decided I would become a nurse but when I told my parents of my intentions they were horrified. My mother proclaimed that I may as well become a servant.
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