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Gong farmer

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description, from the Gong Farmer's wife, of how they go about collecting poo from the garderobes in the castle and what they do with it all

If it weren’t for me and me husband the gong farmer and our kids, all them up at the castle would drown in their own wee & poo. It’s us that takes it all away. Most garderobes have got different chambers down below so if one is full we close it off and drain all the liquid. We then lower one or two of the kids down to fill buckets of the stuff and fill our cart with all the gong and take it away. Some of the garderobes have a trap door in the bottom so we can let all the juice out. The best garderobes are the ones where we can take out some stones on the outside of the castle walls and get to the poo that way, it saves the kids having to be lowered down. We lost one once, he fell all the way down, had a soft landing mind, he he he. What makes me smile though is that we sell the gong to the farmers who spread it on the land to fertilise the crops so they in the castle eat food that has been grown in their own poo, ha ha!
Domestic Life
Farming & Food
Gong farmer's wife
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