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Heavyweight crossbow

60 second histories

This video covers

A description of a powerful heavyweight crossbow which uses a complex windlass mechanism to load it.  

This is a heavyweight crossbow, it’s extremely powerful. It uses a windlass mechanism like this (shows) to draw back the string. To load the bow you place it down and put your foot into the stirrup and then place the windlass by unhooking it from your belt and laying it over the crossbow with the winder fitted over the end of the prod of the bow, then hook on the bow cord and check the nut is ready and wind away, when you hear the click of the nut locking the string in place remove the windlass and hang it back on your belt without tangling it up. Then raise up the crossbow and rest it either on the parapet wall of a castle or on a large shield called a pavise, you then place the heavy bolt onto the bow and shoot. This bow is deadly but prone to breaking down because it’s no good in the rain because the string stretches when it’s wet and the windlass also gets rusty.
Medieval crossbowman
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