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Henry VIII breaks with Rome

60 second histories

This video covers:  How Henry VIII failed to secure his divorce and separated from the Pope

And so it has come to this, the Pope will not agree to my divorcing Catherine even though I believe that our marriage was illegal. Why you only have to read Leviticus chapter twenty, verse twenty-one in the Bible, which forbids a man to marry his brother’s widow, but will the Pope listen no! So that’s it if, he thinks I am going to continue with my empty marriage and forego a marriage to Anne he is mistaken. I am the King of England and I will not allow the Pope or the Church of Rome to stand in my way. There are many in this land who are sick and tired of the Pope meddling in our affairs so I have decided to override the Pope’s decision with regard to my divorce from Catherine. The Church of England will have a new supreme head, and it shall not be the Pope. I, Henry the eighth, will be the Supreme Head of the Church of England and I alone will have supreme authority over it.
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