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Henry VIII - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the fabulous outfits King Henry wore; the different types of fabric such as buckram, taffeta and velvet used as well as the jewels and the diamond as big as a walnut

It's really hard for me to describe just how incredible his majesty King Henry the Eighth looks when he’s fully dressed for court. His outfits are made up of many different kinds of fabric, for example there’s calico for the lining, buckram for stiffening, and damask felt or flannel for the layers and that’s even before you add the satin, silk taffeta and velvet for the outer layers. Gold cloth and jewels are often sewn into his garments and they’re finished with beautiful brocade for the edging. The King’s shirts are either made of silk or the finest linen, he wears broad toed silk shoes on his royal feet and a glorious hat on his royal head. Then to complete the whole outfit, there are the jewels. His majesty wears so many rings that his fingers become a mass of gold and sparkle, and for important occasions, he always wears a golden collar with a diamond as big as a walnut hanging from it. He positively sparkles as he walks; it’s a very impressive sight. I don’t think there’s a king in the entire world to equal our good King Henry.
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Will Somers
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