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Henry VIII; the Pope says ‘No’

60 second histories

This video covers:  Henry VIII own account of his divorce and breaking with Rome - part two

There’s another lady at court I have in mind to replace Catherine, Anne Boleyn. Anne is intelligent, pretty and strong and more than capable of giving me a son and heir. The only problem I have is how to get my marriage to Catherine annulled, dissolved by the Pope in Rome. Now I have always been a good Catholic, why I even earned the title Fidei Defensor, defender of the faith, from Pope Leo but the problem is there’s a different Pope now, Pope Clement the seventh, and I do know he is in the grip of Catherine's nephew Charles the fifth, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, whose army sacked Rome. I have had various officials looking into a way of dissolving my marriage. First there was the Lord Chancellor Cardinal Wolsey then his successor Thomas More both of whom failed to secure my divorce, but now I have a worthy replacement for them both who I am confident will sort it all out. Thomas Cromwell. I will appoint him as my new Lord Chancellor and he will rid me of Catherine and clear the way for my marriage to Anne.
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